CUB Restaurant

My amazing husband surprised me with dinner reservations at CUB. I didn’t know where we were going until we arrived and I have to say I’d never heard of CUB so was impressed and excited about what was to come.

We were seated at the bar with a great view of the chefs and bar. I was struck at how small the place was, specifically the kitchen area. The two chefs worked efficiently and in harmony and seemed unaffected by their limited space.

It’s a set menu with some of the courses food and some courses drink. First up was a glass of Krug – a perfect start for my birthday dinner

Then came the first course which was a beetroot steak, apple sourz and a miso cream, unusual, simple and delicious.

Then came a succession of beautifully presented dishes each offerimg new flavours and textures including Jersey royals with blood orange and pennywort; shitake mushrooms with artichoke puree and kelp, chicken bone broth served with fresh sourdough and butter. We finished with a fennel based dessert topped with Japanese knotweed. So many new flavours and combinations which left me inspired and excited.

For the drinks, we had a belverdere and cherry blossom cocktail, a rare tea and a toasted lager to name a few. The drinks were plenty, generous and beautiful.

This was much more an experience for me, the concept and delivery was exciting and faultless. The staff were engaged and well informed about each dish and took pride in telling you about each course. After speaking to the owner and chefs I discovered that the ingredients are all sustainable and mostly would be waste items. The menu is mainly vegetarian with the exception of the bone broth but again showing sustainability using the bones. Even their plates have been made from recycled plastic and table tops made from yoghurt pots and lids.

This is a definite must try for all you foodies and I am super impressed with Sam for introducing me to this very exciting restaurant.

KATER Score 10/10 – £55 set menu per person (drinks inclusive)

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