Nicaragua – lobsters, beaches and volcanoes

We spent three weeks in beautiful Nicaragua over Christmas and New Year exploring the stunning beaches in San Juan and Popoyo on the west coast; experiencing island life on the Corn islands; enjoying the Colonial architecture in Granada and climbing volcanoes on Ometepe island. Everywhere we went offered a unique experience and it was exactly the same for the food.

Island life had to be our favourite with the freshest lobster dinners served at Comedor Maris which was like eating on someone’s front porch, and certainly added to the authenticity and local feel. There is no menu just a simple choice of ‘lobster, shrimp or chicken’ – no more no less just simple and delicious.

Comedor Maris KATER Score 8/10 – $50 for two inc. service

The street shack next to the ferry dock served some of the best chicken, rice and beans for as little as a few dollars, all served with the biggest tub of homemade chilli sauce I have ever seen. Locals would stop by the shack just to pick up a bag of their tasty plantain crisps – Nicaraguans love plantain.

Shack KATER Score 9/10 – $8 for two inc. service

Island life offered simplicity and what better picture highlights this than below.


Back on the mainland, Granada offered us more local treats along with some western fare. Some tourists avoid the local food stalls which is a shame as this is where I find you get the best local experience, be it through the food and / or the people.

We were serenaded in the town square whilst eating a local pork dish called ‘Vigorón’, a cabbage salad, boiled yuca, and fried pork belly wrapped in banana leaf – really really good. Another local favourite is the ‘Tostones con queso’ fried plantain with melted cheese on top. Interesting combo but not one I’m likely to try again.

We also sampled some western style food visiting Pita Pita which offered some really tasty Lebanese food, a welcome break from all the plantain and beans. For Christmas lunch we went to Restaurant El Zaguán where we had some fabulous steaks and of course plantain!

El Zaguán KATER Score 8/10 – $120 for two inc. service


Nicaragua has to be up there as one of my favourite countries, there is just so much to see and experience – a real foodie adventure.